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A hundred students from Sagrado corazón College visit La Sella to begin in golf

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More than one hundred students from Sagrado Corazón College Denia, of 5th and 6th grade, visited the La Sella Golf in order to become familiar with the sport of golf and its surroundings, an activity already lead they held for several years.

The initiative of José Manuel Caravaca, PE teacher, and accompanied by the head of studies and tutors for each course, the large group of students of Sagrado Corazón College approached the golf course so that they could discover all the secrets This sport.

The golf teachers Dino Ferrer, Jason Seed, Tomas Valentine and with the help of Pepe Campello had classes to all children, such as the putt or approach, besides accompany along the 27 holes of the course of La Sella, the largest of the Costa Blanca.

Many students were surprised to see the lakes and animals that live in this facility, which is unusual in sports areas, why teachers consider to be the most anticipated tour of the year, allowing them to go out nature and learn to make a swing.

Special mention for the good attitude of the children, who respected the gardening, trees and the other players at that time were in the course. Many of them showed good concentration skills and ability to play the sport.

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